Clancy Miller (Christina Dawn Fougnie) is an abused 12 year-old who runs away to keep from getting taken away by social workers. Out on the streets she meets up with Nick (Jefferson Moore), an ill-tempered. homeless veteran.

    A corrupt mayor (J. Robert Bailey) desperate for re-election, privately offers Nick a reward to keep the missing girl out of sight for a few days; the mayor's secret plan - to "find her" in grand fashion in an attempt to gain favor with the voters, who would view him as a hero.

    A scuffle with a loan shark sends Nick and Clancy on the lam out of the city and into the nearby countryside. With this new development, the mayor's ambitions heighten with the prospect of a manhunt across county lines - culminating in a military style rescue / ambush on the unsuspecting derelict as the TV news cameras roll.