Love Covers All


    What do you do when your faith is tested? With a distant relationship with his father, and his parents separation years ago, starting over sounds good, and Michael’s hopes for his new family couldn't be higher. A routine business trip takes him 400 miles away on the eve of his wife Sarah’s due date, making the pressure to get home anything but routine. But when Michael decides to leave early, fatigue and car trouble strands him at night in the middle of nowhere—How could the night get any worse?

    Michael’s greatest fear becomes reality when he finds out Sarah’s in labor! In a panic, he seeks help from a mysterious gas station owner named Bob, who's curious questions about Michael's faith cause tension. Even more tension brews back home, where Sarah deals with labor in the company of Judy, her mother-in-law. As the birth gets closer, Michael's options grow thin, and his interaction with Bob builds to a conclusion neither of them expected!

    Filled with drama and relatable characters, LOVE COVERS ALL is the second film from Praise Pictures and Writer/Director Kyle Prohaska that will challenge and inspire viewers young and old to let go of what's behind so they can move forward to what's ahead. It's never too late for a fresh start!