The Grace Card

    Mac McDonald is a miserable person. 17 years ago, his young son was hit and killed by a car. Today, his anger is still impacting both his family life and his job as a cop. His surviving son Blake is hanging out with a bad crowd and flunking out of school. His wife is seeking counseling to cope with their unhappy life. His supervisor at the police dept. is also concerned about his attitude and assigns him a partner, which Mac is not happy about.

    His new partner is Sam Wright, who is a part-time pastor who would like it to be full-time. He is a cop in order to provide for his family.

    It was actually disturbing to see how Mac impacts those around him: his wife, his son and his partner. Both Mac and Sam are missing something in their life; Mac has shut God out of his life for a long time, and Sam begins to doubt his calling as a pastor.

    Sam relies on his faith, and guidance from his grandfather George (Louis Gossett Jr.), but it takes a tragic incident to provide the impetus for change that Mac needs in his life.